Technical Consultation: If you encountered with any problems during machine operation, please feel free to contact us, we provide online instruction in regular working day, or our professional personnel will provide you with customized technical support according to you practical situation.




Maintenance: We can offer you with the maintenance guidance by details through sending you products brochure. Make sure your have read the owner’s manual and follow the steps during operation. Regular maintenance of machine can prolong the service life of machine so as to save your investment in repair.




Technical support: We are supported by a professional technical experts, who can providing guarantee qualified mechanical equipment for you. And, according your practical issues, customize a variety of versions and parameters of machine in order to improve the efficient and increase financial benefits to you dear customers.




Components: The extra components are not free of charge, but we can guarantee you that all the components are manufactured strictly meeting requirements in contract and the relevant national standards on exporting items.

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